Reserve the Field Theater

2310 Woodland Lane, Arden, Delaware 19810

photo of Field Theater

The shaded Field Theater in Arden, Delaware, is available for events -- $100 for private occasions and free for public events. It is the site of the Shakespeare Gild performances in June and a popular location for weddings.

If you would like to use the Field Theater, please call the Village Secretary at 302 475-3516. You will need to fill out a Use Permit. Click here to see the Permits page.

We recommend that you reserve a rain location.

Two nearby locations offer indoor shelter for events in case of rain. They are a 5-to-10-minute walk away from the Field Theater. Also, they can serve as a second location for an event should you want a reception. Also, they offer parking not available at the Field Theater.

The Village-owned Buzz Ware Village Center

Gild Hall, run by the non-profit Arden Club

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