Ordinances, Town Charter

Village of Arden, Delaware

Here are links to Arden's ordinances, and brief descriptions of each ordinance. Want more info or found a problem? Please contact the Village Secretary at 302 475- 3516.

Ordinances 1 & 2: Arden Safety Code - a summary of the 48 pages covering police, pedestrians, automobiles, bicycles, etc. Ordinance 2 revises the fines in Ordinance One. Sorry, but the full version of Ordinance 1 is not available at the moment but we hope to have it available soon.

Ordinance 3: Transfer of Local Services - Providing for the transfer of certain local service functions from the Village of Arden to New Castle County.

Ordinance 4: Use of the Commons and Forests - To preserve the community forests, greens and other commons, the listed acts are unlawful.

Ordinance 5: Noise - The residents of Arden wish to maintain the Village of Arden as a quiet place and to insure their freedom to enjoy a quiet environment.

Ordinance 6: Excavations in Village Roads - To provide for an acceptable standard of road restoration in cases requiring excavation through or into the roads of the Village.

Ordinance 7: Discharging Rifle, Etc., or Other Explosives - No person shall fire or discharge within or into the Village of Arden, any riile, gun, pistol, revolver, or any other appliance, whether projecting or exploding, or ofany explosive nature.

Ordinance 8: Dog Control - Dogs must be licensed, collared, accompanied by owner at all times, etc.

Ordinance 9: Mini Bikes - Shall not be operated on greens or pedestrian paths, or in the forests.

Ordinance 10: Public Utilities - No one shall tamper with public utilities and they shall be made difficult to tamper.

Ordinance 11: Encroachments on the Rights of Way - Residents must refrain from improperly using areas between leaseholds and paved roads or paths, commonly known as the right-of way.

Ordinance 12: Amendment of Ordinance 4. Adopted June, 1982.

Ordinance 13: Off-Street Parking - Residents are to park on their leaseholds and not in the street.

Ordinance 14: Certification Process for Leaseholds with ADUs. A one-time opportunity for leaseholders to certify pre-existing Accessory Dwelling Units.

Ordinance 15: Vacant Dwelling Registration - Dwellings vacant over a year must be registered with the village and pay a registration fee.

Town Charter

Click here to see our town charter on the State of Delaware website.