Trustees of Arden, Delaware

Leaseholds in Arden are owned by the Trust and leased to individuals for their homes or businesses. If you have a leasehold issue, contact the Arden Trustees.

Public land — such as the forests, greens, the Field Theatre, and the Memorial Garden — are owned by The Village of Arden; that is, the municipal government.

Trustee Address
2119 The Highway
Arden, DE 19810-4058

Trustee Phone
302 475-7980

Trustee Email
Click here to send the trustees an email.

Mike Curtis
Carl Falco
Elizabeth Varley

Administrative Assistant
Julia McNeil

Documents Affecting Arden Leaseholds

Welcome Letter from the Trustees of Arden

Lease Agreement

Transfer an Arden lease with sale of improvements.

Transfer an Arden lease without sale of improvements.

Building Permit Process: The Trustees' Memo

About lots that do not conform to New Castle County land use regulations.

Sale or transfer of leaseholds in violation of New Castle County land use regulations.

Encroachments on Rights of Way: Village of Arden Ordinance 11.

Tax Payments and Escrow Accounts for Arden Parcels.

Tree Removal form

Historical Documents

Deed of Trust 1900 -- poor scan of original document

Deed of Trust as amended in 1908 -- scan of 4th edition of The Arden Book (2000)

Deed of Trust as amended in 1908 -- as reformatted for clarification by Marianne Cinaglia when she was a trustee.

Transfer of Forests and Greens from Trustees to Village, March 7, 1973

Transfer of Memorial Garden and Field Theatre from Trustees to Village, April 24, 1974

Agreement between Village of Arden and the owners of lots bordering Meadow Lane, December 8, 1983

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